Thermographic Camera RL-TI07


Thermo-graphic cameras (Thermal Camera) is a more reliable and effective tool to help you to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the awake of growing number of Covid-19 infections. Considering the need of keeping physical distance among people, the Thermographic camera has been brought to you to take the body temperature with highly sensitive sensors. The bolometer sensor imported from the US and other equipment brought from China have been assembled and framed locally to provide the highly effective screen system though this camera. This camera reduces the risk of infection keeping comparatively safer distance than that of a thermal gun. Thermo-graphic camera is especially useful where larger number of people assemble at once as it can screen up to six people at once. Moreover, it has been customized to meet the local need and adjust prices keeping the best quality of 0.3 degree C of accuracy and making it useful for mass movement. Thus, it is a must have tool for safe public spaces as it is engineered for the detection of fever with very high precision in areas with more people, reaching detections from 3 to 6 meters away and up to 6 persons in a frame.

Important Features of this Solutions

This is based on a dual IP Thermo-graphic camera with face detection and body temperature measurement. The calibrating element emits a constant and precise infrared radiation that the camera captures and takes as a reference, and thereby remains calibrated at all times. In this way, the measuring system achieves an even higher accuracy of up to ± 0.3ºC.

Useful for:

Quarantine spots
Isolation spots
Metropolitan city, Municipality
Bank finance
School colleges
Shopping malls
Government offices and the place where there is mass movement is to be screened.